Saturday, October 1, 2016

HOME by HARLAN COBEN Audio Edition

It’s always good news when an author brings back an audience’s favorite character and such is the case with Home - Coben again spins his tale around Myron Bolitar who is faced with solving a ten year old mystery.  Win, Bolitar’s closest friend,  receives an email that leads him to believe two boys who were kidnaped a decade ago when they were six may be found in London - but, Bolitar and Win are faced with a more challenging search/rescue than they could have imagined.

    Win sees a boy he believes is Patrick (if age-progression software is correct), but the young fellow runs off before he can talk to him.  What is uncovered is a huge network run by an evil man who offers them both boys for a large amount of money.  However, it’s well worth it to them as two families they care about have spent ten painful years hoping and praying for the return of their boys.  The promised rescue doesn’t go off as planned which leads us on another chase in this multi-faceted mystery.  Who was responsible for the original kidnaping?  Where have the boys been and what have they been doing for the past ten years?

    Steven Weber is an ace narrator for this suspenseful tale.


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