Tuesday, December 13, 2016


    Children love animals, especially fun, furry baby animals, and they’re intrigued by playing hide and seek.  All of this and more is found in the tall picture book Mother Fox and Her Cubs by paper artist Amandine Momenceau.  It is rich in endearing illustrations and imaginative paper cutouts that encourage young ones to help Mother Fox find her four cubs.

    There has been a heavy snow covering the forest in a sea of fluffy whiteness that the cubs love playing in.   As they run, jump and frolic Mother Fox loses sight of them, and rather than panicking she uses her eyes to find their bright fur against all of the whiteness.  She also uses her keen sense of smell but the forest is like a maze, so easy to get lost in and she knows they love to play hide and seek.  She wonders if one is hiding behind a tree then finds another who is making a great deal of noise.

    As the day wears on and evening approaches she has found all of them and leads them back to their den where they snuggle up next to her “warm and snug.”  She always knew they wouldn’t stray too far away.

    This is a wonderful book to share with children as young ones can count along or trace the small paw prints as the cubs are found.  It is also a reinforcement of family and parental love.  Youngsters will want to return to this book again and again.

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