Saturday, March 4, 2017

AFTER THE CHEERING STOPS by Cyndy Feasel Audio Edition

         “How lucky could she be?” Cyndy Feasel once thought.  She was married to the man she adored and he was an NFL star.
Crowds cheered for him and she was proud to be seen with him.  Their home was lovely - life was more wonderful than she had ever dreamed
it could be.  And then as the title succinctly puts it the cheering stopped.

Grant Feasel had spent a tad over ten years as a lineman in the NFL.  He played 117 games as a center and long snapper com-
pletely unaware that the ceaseless batterings his head took and the jarring collisions he suffered would change him forever.  And this
change would ruin his marriage and tear his family asunder.  He died too young - Grant was gone at the age of 52 destroyed by alcohol
abuse and a degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy commonly known as CTE.

When Grant retired from football Cyndy stood helplessly by watching the man she loved become a frightening stranger.  He
self medicated with alcohol and painkillers desperately trying to stem the damage he suffered on the football field.  But it was a losing battle
Slowly but irrevocably the happy loving man Cyndy had known became a frightening stranger.

In this memoir Cyndy bravely and forthrightly describes her heartbreaking ordeal that reminds us of what might happen when
playing a game millions of Americans love.  It may well also serve as a warning to football moms throughout the world.  And perhaps most of all
it is a reminder of the presence of God when someone’s world comes crashing down on them

As Grant once said, “If I’d only known that what I loved the most would end up killing me and taking away everything I
loved, I would never have done it.”

Voice actress Michelle Lansley delivers a powerful narration of this moving true story.

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