Thursday, March 9, 2017

THE CUTTHROAT by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott Audio Edition

If you’re but one of the millions who have been pining for the next adventure of Chief Inspector Isaac Bell off the Van Dorn Detective Agency, here ‘tis and it’s a winner!  Once again Cussler and Scott have crafted a compelling historical mystery set at the onset of the 20th century and filled with accoutrement of the day that make the tale realistic.  As most know with Bell the authors created an affable, intelligent, dedicated hero who risks life and limb to see that justice is done.

With The Cutthroat Bell has promised a distraught father that he’ll find the man’s daughter, Anna Pape.  She has disappeared, left her luxurious home hoping to have a career on the stage.  Bell thinks it won’t be too difficult to find her among other hopefuls in New York City’s theatre district.  And find her he does but not alive - she has been murdered.

Bell is aghast at this heinous crime and grateful when his research group finds other murders - too similar not to have been committed by the same sick individual.  There is more than just the physical similarities - pretty young blondes are being slain in numerous American cities.  And, the killings always occur only where a touring theatre group is presenting Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

As astute as he is it doesn’t take Bell long to realize he is facing a mad, ruthless killer, the most frightening nemesis in his career, but how will he catch him?

Narraor Scott Brick has won as many awards as have the authors - over 50 Earphone Awards, five Audie Awards, twice named Publisher’s Weekly Narrator of the Year to mention a few.  This reading is bound to garner more.

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