Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IF NOT FOR YOU by Debbie Macomber Audio Edition

If Not for You by Debbie MacomberIf Not for You by Debbie Macomber
     With 170 million books in print and 260K Facebook fans you know Debbie Macomber is a beloved author.  Why?  Because she writes stories that touch our heartstrings and are filled with characters to whom we can relate.  She does it again with If Not For You which is beautifully read by five Earphone Awards winner Khristine Hvam.

    Who among us hasn't at one time or another felt that his or her parents weren't a bit overbearing?  Well, Beth Prudhomme has felt that way in spades - she has literally existed under her parents' thumb for 29 years.  t long last she determines to strike out on her own and moves from Chicago to Portland where she reconnects with her Aunt Sunshine (aptly named we might add.)  Beth finds a job as a high school music teacher and becomes close friends with Nicole Nyquist.  She seems to be comfortably settling in.

    Comfort is no longer an appropriate word when Nicole introduces Beth to Sam.  Saying both are unimpressed is putting it mildly.  Sam is a tattooed mechanic whose idea of a date is a gal who likes to play pool and drink beer - the opposite of a high school music teacher.  While Sam is Beth's parents' worst fear.

    Fate stepped in one evening when Beth was involved in an automobile accident which Sam witnessed.  He stayed with her until help arrived  and then perhaps out of obligation he visited her at the hospital.  That first visit became daily visits simply because he could not stay away.  Both became aware that something might be growing between them.

    This was the quiet before the storm - you'll not want to miss what happens when Beth's mother careens into town spouting harsh opinions of Sam and reopening old wounds with Aunt Sunshine. 

    As is her wont Debbie Macomber creates a conclusion that makes us smile and warms our hearts.


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