Wednesday, April 5, 2017

THE FIFTH ELEMENT by Jergen Brekke

   The Fifth Element If you're one of he countless who relishes mysteries and enjoys puzzles you're in for a seldom found pleasure with The Fifth Element by noted Nordic writer Jorgen Brekke.  .This author has created a sensation not only in his own country but throughout the world with his vaunted tales featuring Police Inspector Odd Singsaker (Where Monsters Dwell, Dreamless).  Now, Brekke raises the bar with a frightening story filled with horrors - drugs, exortion, spousal abuse.

    What may be initially confusing to some all comes together as the tale unfolds.  Brekke seems to have a limitless imagination that not only thoroughly entertains readers but challenges them at the same time. Set against a starkly presented Scandinavian background The Fifth Element is a true treat not only for Nordic crime fans but for crime fans throughout the world.

    Police Inspector Singsaker has been captured, held behind bars on an island off the northern coast of Norway.   He rouses himself, confused to find he is holding a shotgun and there is a corpse next to him.  But what or who brought him to this?  How did he get here?

     A short while earlier his wife, Felicia, had disappeared.  Unbeknown to him she had tried to find her way back to him but had become lost in a snowstorm.  While Odd continues to search for his wife other lives intersect with his - there is a corrupt cop from Oslo, a dishonest college student who has stolen mega amounts of cocaine, and a hit man hired by the drug dealers who have been robbed.  As if this were not enough horrible crimes come to light and terrifying characters who have nothing to lose emerge.

    Brekke has delivered another winner that readers will be unable to put down


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