Wednesday, March 5, 2008


How do I love Lancome Color Fever Plumper? Let me tell you the whys.
It gives lips an added fullness immediately yet without the burning sensation of other plumpers. After all, "Hot Lips" was only on "Mash" - remember that?
It can be worn as a gloss with a bevy of beautiful colors from which to choose (Try "Souffle" for a golden coral or "Puckered for a glistening innocent pink).
It can also be worn as a primer under lipstick, which I often do.
It can be blotted without disappearing if I want a matte finish.
It does not leave traces on my teeth if I smile as my last plumper did. (Somehow a gooey pink on pearly whites spoils the effect).
Another lovely from Lancome!

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