Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Some of my happiest childhood memories are of sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen watching her make cookies. She always let me lick the bowl when all the batter had been used - that was awfully good. But, not as good as the cookies warm and fresh from the oven. I also remember how she would scrape with her spatula to get remainders of the last batch off the baking sheet before she put on the next. And, truth to tell, some of her cookies were a bit dark on the bottoms.
She would have loved this large All-Clad baking sheet! She would be able to get a good two or three dozen of her drop cookies on one sheet, and when done just a smooth slide of her spatula would take them to a cooling rack. It’s never a question of the ones in the center of the sheet being done first as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the surface.
No telling how many hundreds of cookies I’ve baked on our sheet, and it still looks new. No longer any need to scrub a surface with an abrasive cleaner, as it comes from the dishwasher shiny as new.. All-Clad is most definitely a favorite in our kitchen!

- Gail Cooke

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